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why is it getting so big on TikTok?

“Kidcore” corresponds to adopting a childish aspect at its peak, that is to say by seizing the fun side, colors and prints that are often linked to childhood. If cottagecore rather evoked a feeling of living in the countryside, kidcore is a trend often inspired by toys or other symbolic objects of the 1990s/2000s, which encourage us to mix colors!

The Kidcore trend has emerged for a few months now, even appearing in fashion shows thanks to Moschino or the Heaven collection by Marc Jacobs. Some stars, fans of the trend like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and the occasional Harry Styles has been spotted rocking “Kidcore” style: beaded necklaces galore and a patchwork knit sweater.

The Kidcore Pulse may sound rambunctious and eccentric, but it’s actually very simple to pull off. Some influencers recommend starting by adding blush to the center of the face.

How to seize the “Kidcore” make-up trend?

Will Sullivan, make-up artist, advises Allure magazine “I would start with a blush that you really like, and I would use a brush or your fingers to gently pat it on the cheekbones of your cheeks and with what’s left, pat it on the bridge of your nose”. “It could definitely be an everyday look and you can amp it up with bright primary colors around the eyes and lips.”

If you want to go a little further in originality, influencer Temple Jones advises to use lipstick poppy, a few stickers, gems, face glitter, or even a fun set of false eyelashes.”

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We bet everything on accessories and color!

He adds “I recommend visiting craft stores and dollar stores and buying things like stickers, little trinkets for making jewelry, pom poms, fabric paints or markers, beads, sequins and string.

Makeup artist Serena Adelaide also claims “I highly recommend getting a blend palette so you can create new colors without having to buy too many products. That said, focus on buying primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, but don’t forget about white and black either, so you can create lighter or darker colors with just those. minimal options. »

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