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10 first names for little girls, already worn by the most beautiful women in the world

It’s not always easy to find a first name for the future baby who is about to arrive. The choice will be final, so you have no room for error. Besides, to be certain of your choice, why not bet on a first name evoking beauty? names for little girl already worn by the most women on the planet!


In reference to Scarlett Johansson, this first name for a girl means “purple”. It is old and still relatively uncommon in France.


Cara (like Cara Delevingne) is a short and current first name. Of Arabic and Latin origin, it is synonymous with “beloved”.


Like Bella Hadid, this first name refers to beauty. Still little given in France, the trend has been growing since the 2010s.


Irina Shayk is one of the most beautiful women in the world. It is a first name of Greek origin. It means “peace”.


Carla Bruni was one of the most famous models of the 90s. Sublime, her first name is of Germanic origin and means “strong”.


Another woman renowned for her incredible beauty: Selena Gomez! Selena is synonymous with “solemn”.


Obviously, Angelina Jolie is in this list of names. Delicate and feminine, this first name means “messenger”.


We do not forget to include the beautiful Iris Mittenaere in our list. Iris related to the flower bearing the same name, but not only! This girl name also means “rainbow”.


The beautiful Chrissy Teigen is a role model for many. His first name evokes the “messiah”.

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Eva (like Eva Mendes) is a name taken directly from the Bible. It comes from the Hebrew “havvah” which means “to give life”.

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