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A new way to refresh your hair without dry shampoo has appeared on TikTok, check it out!

Dry shampoo was a revolutionary tip a few years ago! You could wash your hair without water, anywhere, with a single product and a few minutes in front of you. The only tool to have with us was the bottle of dry shampoo, and it is from there that the new method that is a hit on TikTok starts. How to clean your hair when you don’t have dry shampoo on you?

In the event of the unexpected, an empty product, an impromptu date or a last-minute meeting at work, what if you don’t have dry shampoo on hand? Influence, beauty tips pro @wahmeko has the solution. She posted the ultra-simple technique online on her page. Its demonstration video already has nearly 2 million views.


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Loose powder instead of dry shampoo

The suspense has gone on long enough, if you’re in need of a good hair wash, quickly take out your makeup kit. The product that can replace dry shampoo is loose powder. If its primary goal is to unify and perfect your complexion previously applied to foundation, it can also be used on your hair. Its secret, just like a dry shampoo, it absorbs excess sebum hair, just like that of the skin.

If you have hair oily trend, loose powder instead of dry shampoo is the trick you need to try urgently. You may have heard of cornstarch as a root freshener. It wasn’t bad, but you still had to be a bit of a cook… With loose powder, you don’t have that problem, you know a make-up department. This product is an essential part of our beauty kits to take everywhere, summer and winter.

With the loose powder, you then become free as the air to forget to make or take your dry shampoo. It can always stay in your make-up bag and in your handbag since it is often available in small format. What we also appreciate is that we can find one natural which is good for our skin and our hair. For the color to choose in case of use for the hair, no restriction, take the one that is adapted to your skin texture.

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How to use loose powder as a dry shampoo

Using loose powder to clean your hair is very easy. It only takes a few minutes and simple gestures. And the result will be hair that looks cleaner instantly. Most of the loose powder as an instant shampoo is that it gives a more bulky to the hair.

To start, you have to take a small amount of the powder in your hands or on a clean makeup brush. Then, it is a question of depositing the product on the scalp. After a few minutes for it to work, massage your scalp, shake your head or brush your hair to remove excess powder. That’s it, it’s done, look at the result, normally your hair is again resplendent with freshness and beauty!

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