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After the dreaded Full Moon, mid-September 2022 will make these 3 astro signs VERY likely

Time passes inexorably and the days go by without asking questions. At a dizzying pace, the first half of September passed without warning. In the sky, many celestial events of great importance took place at the beginning of the month.

Astro: the events of mid-September that will make your heart vulnerable?

The Full Moon on Saturday September 10 was very beautiful and intense. It was a very emotional and sensitizing moon, as it occurred in one of the most empathetic and dreamy signs of the zodiac: Pisces.

This celestial event took place almost at the same time as Mercury’s retrograde, which added some confusion to this time frame. This sign being very sensitive and having its emotions on edge, any misunderstanding caused by the retrograde of Mercury can become a source of anguish or sadness.

Neptune, in the sign of Pisces, made contact with the Moon which potentiated the sensitizing effects of the Moon. This same planet, if harnessed well, can give unlimited inspiration and great selflessness to help others.

Horoscope: which signs should take things more lightly this month?

Three signs are very sensitive to the effects of the full moon. They all belong to the same astrological element: water. Find out here if yours is one of them!


The ruler of this sign being the Moon itself, the astral movements of this luminary greatly affect its natives. Pisces and Cancer are two water signs and their sensitivity will be greatly affected in this half of the month.


The sign of Scorpio is of a very strong intensity. They protect themselves a lot, but they feel everything. This is why a Moon so tied to emotions can be difficult for them to handle. Again, the element shared with the sign where the Full Moon took place, water, will cause it to strike the most sensitive chords of these natives.


This Full Moon particularly mobilized the feelings of the natives of this sign. For them, it will be better to process all the information that the nocturnal star has given them calmly and patiently. If they manage to take care of themselves, they will know that sometimes loneliness is a cure.

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How to approach this delicate period with brio?

The important thing for these signs in the middle of the month will be to be able to take things calmly and deal with them one by one so as not to be overwhelmed. Keep in mind that the Sun and Neptune are always in opposition, which sometimes prevents us from seeing reality clearly, so beware of making up your mind without taking into account that they may just be illusions .

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