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her first official outing look as Princess of Wales

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday September 8, there has been a lot of change. First, Prince Charles became King Charles III. And then the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received the title of prince and princess of wales. Remember that the last woman to achieve this title, before Kate Middleton, was Lady Diana.

This title was granted to them by King Charles III. Traditionally, it is granted to the heir, at will of the sovereign. But it is not automatic! Kate Middleton and the prince william have therefore been well choose by the new king.

The royal family visits the four corners of the country

This Thursday, September 15, the couple appeared for the first time in public since they are prince and princess of Wales. Kate and William went to the Norfolk. Indeed, the entire royal family has mobilized to ensure visits and commitments to the four corners of the country. Princess Annafor example, returned to Scotland.

The king’s younger brother, the prince Edward, was sent to Manchester with his wife. And while the new king Charles III and the queen consort Camila gave each other a day of reflection, Kate Middleton and Prince William went to Sandringham. This royal estate was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite second homes. Moreover, the father of this one, the king George Vdied there.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Sandringham

But this Thursday, September 15, Kate Middleton and Prince William came out to admire the tide of flowers, cards and gifts that stretched out in front of Norwich Gates. Sandringham seems to have become the main place of commemoration in the region. And for the occasion, the Prince and Princess of Wales have released their best mourning clothes.

Kate Middleton was dressed in a long black dress very elegant. She wore a long black coat over it, paired with a small black handbag. Perched on high black pumps, the Princess of Wales was a model of sobriety and chic. His minimalist accessories were discreet: a pair of earrings and a necklace adorned with a cross.

Princess Charlotte, meanwhile, was dressed in a uniform. Composed of a blue sweater and one gray skirt, she looked like the perfect little schoolgirl. Her hair was braided. It was the first appearance of Prince William and Kate as a couple, without another family member by their side, since the death of the Queen Elizabeth II.

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