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here is the “finger of god”, a very rare astrological figure on your birth chart

In astrology, the classic method of reading a birth chart is to observe the planets and the placement of their zodiac signs.
By looking at your planets and how these energies combine, one can determine the personality of your birth chart.

Astro: what is a Yod according to astrology?

A Yod is a very rare astrological phenomenon. The Yod is also known as the “finger of fate”, “finger of God”, or projection triangle.

The yod is an astral pattern that occurs in the sky, and which is defined by two planets separated by 60 degrees (also called in “sextil”) from each other and separated in turn from a third which exerts an angle of 150 degrees (called “quincunxes” in astrological jargon). There are other Yod configurations, but this is the most common.

What meaning does the yod have in a birth chart?

The astrological significance of this planetary configuration would imply an extraordinary destiny. Astrology often has the talent to explain certain extraordinary destinies. A person with a yod in his birth chart will be someone who, even if he is subjected to difficult trials in life, will be able to overcome them and achieve great things in his life.

A yod can be interpreted as a mystical and very powerful force that originates in a blockage or trauma that the person carries within. This aspect will make her work considerably to overcome it and this is where this aspect comes into its own.

In some cases, these destinies are so extraordinary that they achieve remarkable successes. This is the case, for example, of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the French writer who traveled the world thanks to aviation and who wrote one of the most famous books in the world: The Little Prince.

Another very famous personality having this figure in his birth chart is Michael Jordan. Although the latter had a hard time getting noticed by talent scouts, he had an incredible career in the NBA and is considered the greatest basketball player of all time.

Why is this astral figure called the finger of God?

This name, given to this astral drawing, could find its origin in its similarity with the letter Y, which is also the letter with which begins the name of Yahweh, the Hebrew god of Mount Sinai. But this aspect also indicates a destiny, like the finger of a god showing the way.

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This sentence belongs to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and it perfectly illustrates the meaning of the yod. To surpass oneself is not an easy task, but it is necessary to fulfill one’s destiny.

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