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Karine Le Marchand “homophobic”? This “despicable” montage that revolted Matthieu Delormeau, she defends herself

During the first confinement, Karine Le Marchand had launched the “Live Love” to allow its subscribers to find love. However, a user has just published a montage of certain sequences in which the host of Love is in the meadow openly asks its subscribers if they are “gay”.

Oh you are beautiful! Are you gay? Are you gay? Tell me, are you gay or straight? »asks Karine Le Marchand in particular before adding: ” Ah! I had a doubt, I said to myself. My radar had turned on (…) JI have radar, what do you want me to tell you? A video quickly went viral on TikTok, with some accusing JoeyStarr’s ex-girlfriend of homophobia … to the chagrin of Matthieu Delormeau, who did not hesitate to come to his defense on the set of Do not touch My TV this Thursday, September 15.

Karine Le Marchand: this montage that makes you cringe

I think whoever did this [le montage vidéo, ndlr] is really in bad faith because in reality, these are videos that were shot during the Covid. She was at home, she was doing a kind of casting, and she was asking people if they were gay or not so that she could find them a suitor.he was annoyed.

And to specify: He made a montage by only putting the ‘you’re gay, you’re not gay’ to pass her off as a slightly homophobic girl. The editing is pretty dastardly.”

Guillaume Genton “shocked”: “As if we had a head for being gay”

“When you see all these videos in a row, if I may say so, I find that there is a little unpleasant side. A kind of forceps outing, a bit of a facial offense like ‘ah you’re cute, you’re gay!’ So it means ‘you’re ugly, you’re straight?’ », asks Géraldine Maillet for her part.

“I think it’s not a good message for young people. […] It can be very dangerous.” she believes. An opinion that seems to be shared by the majority of columnists, and in particular Guillaume Genton, who “find it extremely shocking”.

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Karine Le Marchand reacts to the controversy

“What bothers me isn’t asking someone if they like boys or girls, it’s the way it’s asked. ‘Are you gay? Ah, I suspected so!’ Like it’s a shameful little secret that needs to be hidden. As if we had a head to be gay “, he protests.

Faced with criticism, Karine Le Marchand defended herself on her Instagram account. Regretting that his “live love are reassembled without his knowledge”, the presenter simply explained: “Obviously you have to know the sexual preference to find love”.

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