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Mocked For His Malformed Nose At Birth, This Is What ‘Little Pinocchio’ Looks Like Today

Amy Poole is then pregnant 20 weeks when the doctors announce a terrible news. Her baby boy presents a mass of soft tissue abnormal on the face. ” At first, I wasn’t sure I could accept this news. », she told the DailyMail. Before adding: But I knew very quickly that I would love her no matter what appearance. “A few weeks later, the baby is born with a “ hump the size of a huge golf ball on his nose “, describes the mother.

The little boy has a malformation which affected the anatomy of his nasal orifice. ” An MRI confirmed that the lump was a encephalocele. An anomaly that causes the brain grows through a hole in the skull, creating a protruding sac. “, reported Amy Poole. In Ollie’s case, the protrusion developed on his nosemaking it stand out.

A very rare disease that caused a malformation

Over the next nine months, the little boy grew normally. ” Ollie is perfect, in my opinion. This is my Pinocchio. I couldn’t be more proud of him “, shared his mom to the DailyMail. However, the doctors alerted her to the breathing of her boy, made difficult. They then submitted to him the need to operate on him to open his nasal passage. This intervention would allow him to breathe properly.

The prospect of the operation caused panic among the baby’s parents. ” I was so scared at the thought of letting Ollie have such major surgery. […] But the doctors explained to me that he was at risk of contracting a infection or even a meningitis if he tripped and bumped his nose, so I accepted the surgery “. The little boy therefore spent several hours on the operating table of thehospital for children of Birmingham.

L’operation consists of opening the patient’s skull to replace the brain, lodged in his nose. Then you have to rebuild thenasal orifice. Everything went very well for Ollie. The little boy came out with a wide scar on the skull, now invisible thanks to his hair. The bump, meanwhile, has disappeared, although the mark of the malformation is always present on the little boy’s face.

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A little boy who had to endure many teasing

The little boy is in perfect health and his brain capacities are not affected. This is very rare, because an encephalocele very often causes alteration intellectual skills, physical development and motor functions. Ollie, however, must regularly undergo hospital examinations. Indeed, doctors continue to monitor the development of his skull. This ailment is extremely rare. In the United States, only one in 10,000 babies is born with this anomaly each year.

Ollie suffered from many mockeries. Comments that prompted Amy Poole to to raise awareness the general public about this very rare disease. ” I don’t want the other kids going through the mean comments that Ollie went through, and I think the best way to fight thisit’s’inform the public. “, she said. ” I prefer it more when people ask me why Ollie is the way he is, rather than them just telling me he is. uglypoint to it or stare “, she added. The mother continues to share the love that unites her to her little boy on her social networks. Pretty shots that soften Internet users.

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