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She does not wear deodorant for 6 years, the result is unexpected and makes you think

We don’t all have the same ruleshygiene. The proof is that some wash their bodies every day, while others never wash. Ditto about the cleanliness of our hair. While many of us shampoo every 3 or 4 days, many people have given up on washing their hair.

Recently, we learned that some had made the choice to stop wearing deodorant. Alyse Parker, 28, shared his experience on social media. The Hawaiian influencer has actually made the decision to completely stop using deodorant.

Convinced that deodorants contain ingredients responsible for breast cancer, Alyse Parker carried out an experiment; that of no longer wearing deodorant. After a year, the influencer shared all the details in a video that later aired on Youtube.

Does body odor change depending on what you eat?

As surprising as it may seem, Alyse Parker specifies that she did not encounter any odor problems. The reason ? According to her, her vegan diet there is something for it!

“Your body smells differently depending on the food you eat,” she claimed in the video. She did not hesitate to think about it: smoothie bars do not really give off odors, while bakeries or even pizzerias smell much stronger. According to her, the reasoning is the same with regard to the body.

More radically, she then tried to feed exclusively on raw fruits and vegetablesand that’s when she gave off the least body odor.

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2% of women don’t need deodorant

We could also tell ourselves that the result of her experiment could have been distorted if, for example, the young woman did not practice any sport. Nevertheless, it is not the case. Alyse Parker goes to training regularly at the gym.

There, she sweats a lot! “I’m not one of those people who walk into the gym and work out without breaking a sweat. The goal for me is to come out soaked!”, she clarified. However, she wouldn’t smell bad.

But then wouldn’t some people actually need to apply deodorant? According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2% of English women (the study was conducted in England) have a rare gene that allows them to develop no odor in their armpits.

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