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“sounds like a call for help”

For several years now, Loana worried. His appearances are often noticed and tend to make headlines. The last video she posted a few days ago on Instagram was supposed to reassure her fans. You could say it failed.

Loana is and will remain the one who won the first French reality TV show, Loft Story. It was in 2001 on M6. Since then, she has tried her hand at singing, launched a perfume and has made appearances on reality TV shows (Les anges de la télé-réalité, La villa des coeursbrokens, etc.). But it’s mostly his private life that makes the headlines.

Loana wanted to reassure her fans

Whenshe seeks to reassure her fans about her condition, she films herself by the pool at 10 a.m., in a “natural” way, without make-up. And post it all on his Instagram account.

I’ve seen a lot of things about me at the moment, as usual by the way, we are relentless at the slightest misstep that I make but I wanted to show you the Lolo from 10am without make-up and died laughing far away of all that can be said about me.. I adore you and I hope that my video will have made you laugh…” she comments.

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A call for help for some fans

In the comments of this video, netizens are concerned. “No, unfortunately it’s not funny, it’s rather worrying, take care of yourself”, writes a fan. Some even think the worst: “It’s sad to say but if she is not well surrounded one day we will be told bad news…”.

While others speak ofa call for help : Loana we all love you, but we feel a “call for help” but how to help you, if you can’t speak….what’s going on? “. Internet user advises him to see a doctor. ” Loana, I just want to help it’s not mean. But there it is urgent to consult or even to speak to someone you have to get help. You are not in your normal state at 10 am and towards a swimming pool…. It sounds like a cry for help”.

We feel sadness in the fan community that has been following her for years. And many don’t really understand the purpose of this kind of videos from the one who turned 45 on August 30th. “But no……remove this video you are not in a normal state…” advises one of them. Comments to which the main interested party has not yet reacted.

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