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This herbal tea has the power to erase wrinkles, according to a very serious study

To fight against skin aging, there are lots of solutions. Anti-wrinkle creams, cosmetics, plastic surgery… What if there was a simpler solution? It would seem that a simple herbal tea could be enough.

Oh, the youth! When we had it, we didn’t realize how lucky we were. But when it starts to decline, we all jump on the cosmetic products which help to slow down the aging of the skin. Drink herbal teas, why not, but not before applying our anti-wrinkle cream!

However, it would be enough to to eat and of drink properly. Of course, that won’t stop aging, otherwise it would be too easy. But Jessie Inchauspé, biochemist behind the Glucose Goddess site, reveals that it would be enough to track down the blood sugar spikes. According to her, identifying the foods that can reduce them is THE solution.

Chamomile, a magic plant?

And she reveals that chamomile is one of them. On her Instagram account, the biochemist shared a new scientific study showing that the chamomilesocket after lunch, improves blood glucose levels. And the results are quite surprising! Could a herbal tea solve our worries?

Jessie Inchauspé explains: “Peaks in blood sugar levels, following the ingestion of sugar, generate 3 physiological processes: insulin secretion, inflammation, accelerated aging. And these 3 processes are the basis of: food cravings, constant hunger, fatigue, aging, wrinkles, acne, sleep disturbances, polycystic ovary syndrome, and obviously the development of muted diabetes. » Not to mention the training of cellulite !

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The results are impressive!

According to the study, participants who consumed chamomile for 8 weeks saw their blood glucose levels drop by 11%. Their insulin and cholesterol levels went down by 32%. Quite impressive figures, which make us want to drink herbal tea after each meal ! Unfortunately, the virtues of plants are often underestimated.

Indeed, those of chamomile may explain the results of the study. According to the biochemist, this plant has three great virtues : it reduces the rate of transformation of carbohydrates into glucose, it reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by the intestine, and its high level of antioxidants reduces inflammation. There you go, we are convinced to add a herbal tea step to our daily routine! Of course, you shouldn’t add sugar to it…

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