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this housekeeper “worn out” by her work upsets Internet users, “what courage!”

This Thursday, September 15, M6 broadcast a new issue of Boss Incognito. For the occasion, Guy Gérault, director of the Brit Hotel chain, has agreed to transform himself to meet the employees of his establishments “incognito”.

Posing as the author of a book on hotel management, the CEO first evolved alongside Eva, a young waitress whom he apparently annoyed. ” Damn he pisses me off,” she sighed… to the delight of Internet users who found this sequence could not be more funny.

Boss incognito: the testimony of a chambermaid moves the Web

After Eve, Guy Guérault was introduced to Annie, chambermaid for 24 years in one of the group’s hotels. A very endearing woman who greatly moved the viewers.

Indeed, from the height of her 57 years, Annie never balks at work, even though her state of health is deteriorating.I’m worn out (…) It’s been a month since I’ve just been operated on the knee, because of wear and tear »she explains.

Annie deprived of Christmas with her family for 25 years

And to specify: “I’m going very slowly because my knee hurts (…) I’m in a lot of trouble. I have rehab every other day but it’s hard to recover because I have a swollen knee “.

But that’s not all ! Because of her profession, Annie has never been able to spend the end of year celebrations with her children. “It’s very hard for them (…) Christmas is important for children. We did it but we did it afterwards. They blame me a lot for that.”regrets the mother.

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“He is a person so invested that something had to be done”

Paid 1500 euros net per month, the employee estimates “lack of recognition”. An opinion shared by Internet users, many of whom reacted to his testimony.

She is in pain and she gives herself like that… what courage! », one of them was moved when another denounced: “It’s an extremely difficult job, poorly paid and without recognition”. “Not an easy job. She’s worn out, the lady.” adds a viewer. Today, Annie is fine, her knee is a little better and she is paying a little more attention to herself. “, ensures for his part Guy Gérault who specifies that the fifty-year-old was able to enjoy a stay in an establishment with a spa, one of his biggest dreams. ” He’s a person so invested that something had to be done “, concludes the boss.

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