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Today’s horoscope for Friday, September 16, 2022

A new day begins and the stars continue their adventures. Today, Friday, September 16, 2022, the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, which in turn is in good aspect with the ruling planet of this sign, Mercury.

The latter being retrograde, communication will be fluid, but you should think carefully about what you say before expressing yourself in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Beautiful day under the blue sky…

Horoscope for Friday, September 16, 2022: love, health, work…


Today, Mars, your ruling planet, is in good aspect with Mercury, but in difficult aspect with Venus. Your words will have a big impact on this day, but be careful not to be hurtful or you might unintentionally make someone undeserving unhappy.


Today, your planetary guide, Venus, is in tension with Mars. This could cause problems controlling your temper and achieving the calm that characterizes your sign. Try to relax and not give in to anger.


The Moon and Mars in your constellation today give you a tendency to nervousness and anxiety. Don’t argue for the sake of talking, you might end up saying things you shouldn’t. Control yourself well today and everything will go like clockwork!


The Moon, your ruling star, transits your last and twelfth astrological house today, generating a favorable environment for the observation of your dreams and your hidden desires. Today is the perfect time to listen to you and give yourself space to fantasize.


Today, the Moon is in your eleventh house, forcing an active review of your social circle. Consider today which friends are loyal to you and which are only there when they need something from you. Mars will give you the strength to cut short with the energies that bring you nothing!


Certain planetary factors confuse you in the way you approach a relationship. Neptune, opposing the Sun in your sign, will not help you resolve this situation today, so be patient.


Today, your ego could be hurt by a difficult aspect between your ruling planet and Mars. The Sun in your final house highlights some self-esteem issues and leaves you bewildered and unable to appreciate all you are worth. Courage !


Use the inspiration the Moon will give you today to apply it to your work. You can always put more of yourself into it. This will give you a satisfaction that will be hard to take away!


Today, you might feel some kind of sentimental tension. This could lead to conflicts with your partner or associate. Be careful not to get carried away by ego and resentment.


The Moon in your astrological house of work will generate a strange atmosphere with your colleagues. Mars in conjunction with the Moon will try to throw you off balance. Keep calm and avoid confrontations today.


An unlimited flow of creativity wants to flow out of you, but for some incomprehensible reason, you ignore it. Pay more attention to what you feel and what wants to express itself, because today is a good time to bring it out!

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Today you will be emotional and sensitive, dealing with a certain nostalgia for a person from your past with whom you no longer speak. Use your memory to relive magical moments, but focus on the positive and not on the melancholy of lack.

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