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After her breakup, she travels 10,000 km to get rid of the love padlock on which her ex had written their initials

A emotional breakup can be hard to live with. Some will spend weeks moping, others will everything to forget. But what about this American who did not hesitate to go to Korea to erase a trace of her former love.

Her name is Kassie Yeung, she is a dancer and lives in Los Angeles. She meets in South Korea, the one she will fall in love with. Their romance will only last 3 monthstells us Kassie on his Instagram account and the young man will decide to break up.


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10000 km to cut the padlock

In the meantime, like many couples in Korea, they had made it to the top of the Namsan Tower, also called N Seoul Tower. The tower, located on top of a hill, overlooks the city of Seoul. It is a very popular place for lovers who come to hang there a padlock supposed to seal their union.

The tradition has existed for several decades in many cities. This was particularly the case in Paris where many padlocks were hung on the Pont des Arts. For security reasons, the Ile-de-France town hall then decided to prevent this practice.

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The video has 12 million views on TikTok

But, here, Kassie does not want to leave any trace of this love story. So she decides to go to Seoul and film her journey to destroy the symbol. She will post everything on social networks.

We first discover his plane trip. She then goes to a store to buy cutting pliers. Kassie then takes the bus, the cable car and arrives there. She will almost 30 minutes to find the right padlock among the thousands clinging to the railings of the tower. She then cuts the link in the middle of the couples immortalizing their love.

It is unclear if Kassie Yeung traveled to Seoul for this sole purpose. What we do know, however, is that his expedition went viral on social networks. It thus totals 12 million views on TikTok.

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