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Delphine Wespiser drives the point home after the controversy, ‘50% of work stoppages are blank’

New controversy on the Touche set not at my post! Delphine Wespiser, Miss France 2012 and columnist on the show Cyril Hanounahad remarks deemed inappropriate by Internet users. These follow the speech of the lawyer Sarah Saldman in Les Grandes Gueules. The latter has shocked many viewers claiming that the French were abusing sick leaves not to go to work. She was therefore the guest of the C8 talk show to come back to her speech which shocked a lot.

This is not the first time that Sarah Saldmann has been talked about. Remember, last June, she said on RMC that to ” personal title, [elle se] crazy completelyecology ». A subject that not [l’]not interested she says. ” Yet you are young global warmingyou will undergo it in a few years “, Olivier Truchot pointed out to him. An observation that she obviously does not share. ” Me, I see my interest first and possibly that of the planet, so that doesn’t interest me. continued the lawyer. Words that have shocked the Web.

Delphine Wespiser defends lawyer Sarah Saldmann

This sequence on ecology was pinned by the activist and journalist Hugo Clement who did not miss denounce the remarks. He claimed it was a ” media irresponsibility to spread this kind of discourse which condemns humanity to an unlivable world, at prime time to millions of people. However, if this controversy has since run out of steam, Sarah Saldman was talked about again. Faced with the number of sick leaves requested by the workers, the young woman affirmed that we were in a ” countries of fragile ».

Sarah Saldmann even went further in her remarks. ” I already knew that we were in a France of assistednow I see that we are in a France of fragile. », she reacted on RMC. Before adding: We are sick because we want hang out at home and have the pay fall. This is why we are sick. Because a cold, sore throat, and we’re not going to work? But what are these people who don’t give a fuck ? What are these glandusthese assisted, these lazy ? No, but it’s not possible. », protested the lawyer. After this sequence, the tweets rocketed to attack the columnist.

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On the set of TPMP, Delphine Wespiser came to the lawyer’s rescue by explaining that work stoppages were easily created by doctors. ” The problem is that when you talk to business leaders, they are so upset because they have much trouble with their employees. They come for two days and then they go on sick leave. That’s also what you have to hear. “, she said. “I clearly think that today, since it is so easy to go to the doctor to have a work stoppage, I really think that 50% of work stoppages are flan. »she added.

“When you go to the doctor, it’s very easy to have a work stopping. […] Today, we don’t talk enough about business leaders. When they recruit, they are wobbly people. They go off work because that’s how it works. », added Delphine Wespiser. Internet users immediately offensive Delphine Wespiser. On Twitterone can read: She is condescending, I can’t see her anymore. » or “Eltalks about work when she doesn’t know what it is. »

This is not the first controversy for Delphine Wespiser. Last April, his remarks on Marine Le Pen had shocked viewers and Internet users. On April 13, 2022, she said in TPMP: “ You see that, when you look at her, when you listen to her, she really offers something. She has a form of kindness ». Delphine Wespiser had claimed to see in the candidate of the RN ” a mother of the French “. Words that had earned him the ire of internet users.

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