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her wedding dress that no one had ever seen

When he was barely 15, Emmanuel Macron fall in love from his French teacher. But this one, 24 years her senior, is already married. In addition, she has children, and resists the advances of the young man. But this one is determined: he wants to marry her.

It is more than 10 years later that he will finally get what he wants. The future President of the Republic marries the elected of his heart the October 20, 2007. A union that bothers some, since the Macron spouses are 24 years apart. And the bride’s dress is the talk of the town for a very simple reason: it is very short !

A strong and unique love story

Brigitte Trogneux marries her first husband, Andre-Louis Auziere, in 1974. However, when she met the young Emmanuel Macron, she separated from him. The former spouses had three children together: Sebastian, Lawrence and Tiphaine. They seem to have accepted their mother’s new love affair.

Indeed, in the documentary of Pierre Hurelentitled Emmanuel Macron, The strategy of the meteor, viewers were able to discover images of the wedding. Indeed, a sequence is devoted to this important event in the life of the Macron couple. We see the future President of the Republic say ‘yes’ to his beauty. And this one is dressed in a simple white dresswhich reveals his legs.

The documentary, broadcast on France 3, retraces the life of the Head of State. We discover the origins of young Emmanuel Macron, as well as his childhood and adolescence. Much of it is dedicated to his wife, Brigitte, and their story extraordinary. We even hear the speech of the young man at his wedding.

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The speeches of the future President of the French Republic

Emmanuel Macron thanks his guests: “You made us who we are today. That is to say, maybe something not quite common. A not-quite-normal couple, although I do not like this adjective very much, but a couple that exists. And that is thanks to you. »

He does not forget to talk about the children of whom he became the stepfather: “I especially wanted to thank Brigitte’s children. Because if there’s anyone for whom it might not have been very simple, it was for them. And it had, thanks to them, the force of evidence. » And it looks like this evidence will last a long time!

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