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here is who will receive the 100 or 200 euros paid this winter

In recent months, inflation has been raging and has taken hold of all sectors (or almost). The energy sector is no exception to the rule. On the contrary, it is one of those whose prices have soared the most… So much so that we are now talking about a real energy crisis.

As winter approaches, when temperatures are already starting to cool, the French are worried about their purchasing power. In order to support them and help them overcome this ordeal, the government has put in place various measures.

Energy check 2022: a new payment imminent

Among them, we find in particular the exceptional energy vouchers, the first of which for an amount of 100 euros had already been paid in December 2021. During a press conference, Elisabeth Borne announced the forthcoming payment of this “ specific support for the most modest “.

Who is the payment of the energy check intended for?

According to the Prime Minister, this aid of 100 or 200 euros will be paid by the end of 2022. In total, nearly 12 million households are preparing to receive it. 100 or 200 euros, its amount is declined according to the means of each one.

100 or 200 euros: how much is the energy voucher?

This exceptional government aid is intended for the poorest 40% of households. While the 20% with the lowest incomes will receive an energy check of 200 euros, the remaining 20% ​​will receive aid of 100 euros.

To Elisabeth Borne to clarify: “ For example, a single mother with two children who earns the Smic will receive an exceptional energy check of 200 euros and a couple of workers with two children who earn 3,000 euros net cumulatively will receive 100 euros. “.

Energy crisis: other government aid planned to help the French

With regard to the French who do not heat themselves with gas or electricity, but with fuel oil or wood, the payment of specific aid is also planned. At the microphone of France Info, Gabriel Attal indicated that a global envelope of 230 million euros had been voted in Parliament last summer.

It has been planned that the latter will also be paid before the end of the year, and more precisely from mid-November. It can very well be combined with the energy check. “ For the most modest households, that’s up to 400 euros in exceptional aid this winter to fill your tank “, underlined the minister.

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From January 2023, the French will also be able to count on a limitation of up to 15% of the rise in gas prices, as well as a cap – again of 15% – on the increase in electricity bills. Starting from February.

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