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his effective (and free) tip to avoid wrinkles

Iris Mittenaere is a woman full of surprises. She wears many hats, and has a busy schedule. TV host, influencer, magazine leader… The ex-Miss France even finds the time to share her beauty routine !

Finally… It is rather his companion, Diego El Glaoui, who shared it. Indeed, he filmed the chosen one of his heart in full beauty ritual… and he posted it in his Instagram stories! Iris Mittenaere hastened toexplain what she was doing.

Iris Mittenaere shares her magic trick

In the videos, she can be seen tapping her face in different ways and in different places. A routine that may seem very strange, but which has real meaning for Iris Mittenaere. She begins by asking: “Do you know why I do this? » And the answer comes in the next story.

The former miss reveals: “It’s to activate the blood circulation. I do it when I put on my cream. I like doing that on the plane. » The massage is very energeticand Iris Mittenaere seems to have the habit of doing it.

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Massaging your face daily reduces wrinkles

Facial massages have many benefits. Spending a moment of relaxation or doing good to your skin are gestures that may seem ridiculous to some. However, Iris Mittenaere is right. This type of massage makes it possible to stimulate blood circulation !

Moreover, it helps to oxygenate the skin. This prevents the blood from stagnating and stimulates the lymph in the dark circles. And if he can save us from looking tired, he especially makes the brighter skin. And that’s not all !

In fact, doing this every day helpsreduce wrinkles of expression. And these massages also delay the appearance of new wrinkles! Iris Mittenaere has therefore very right to make these movements when she puts on her cream. It’s a routine to adopt !

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