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in tears, he waited 1 p.m. to pay homage to his queen

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. In addition to foreign dignitaries and heads of state, the British were numerous to want to reflect in front of the coffin of the one who reigned over the United Kingdom for 70 years. And David Beckham was among the anonymous.

“If my grandparents were still here today, I know they would have wanted to be here. So I’m here for them, on behalf of my family, and to commemorate the Queen with everyone.” he declares at the microphone of the iTV News channel.

He met the Queen many times

During his football career, he wore the England team shirt 115 times. He will thus have the opportunity to meet the Queen on many occasions. David Beckham even received, in 2003, the medal of the Order of the British Empire from the hands of Elizabeth II.

“I had taken my grandparents, real royalists, with me. (…) I was so lucky to be able to experience such moments in my life, to have been able to approach His Majesty” he explains to Skynews.

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He finally waited 1 p.m.

Thinking perhaps to go unnoticed, he says he arrived in the middle of the night in the long queue. “I thought, coming at 2 a.m., that it was going to be a little quieter… But I was wrong, everyone had the same idea. People of all ages wanted to be part of this experience and commemorate the Queen” he always says at the microphone of iTV News.

among the crowd, many recognize the star and take her picture. They share the snaps on social media they took with the former Manchester United glory. Others will even complain on Twitter about the crush provoked by the former footballer.

David Beckham will finally arrive in front of the coffin of the deceased around 3:30 p.m. We will find out red eyes in Westminster Church. He finally waited 1 p.m. to pay him this last tribute..

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