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Monoi oil: a solution against stretch marks?

Monoi oil is mainly used in Europe as a “bronzing” oilbecause like all oils, it prevents skin dehydration. However it does not protect against the harmful effects of Sun, contrary to what many people think. In Polynesia, monoi is rather used as massage oil and hair care. But what are its real qualities for the skin?

First, let’s look at the Tiare flower. She produces a essential oil mainly used in perfumery, appreciated for its subtly vanilla smell, evocative of holidays. However, tiare EO also contains methyl salicylatea slightly barbaric name that actually hides a active ingredient known for its soothing and purifying properties.

What about coconut oil? Its composition is unique, as it contains no less than 9 different fatty acids. Among which :

  • oleic acid, also present in skin sebum, which has the quality of penetrating deep into the skin, maintain hydrationbut also of regenerate the dermis and of prevent inflammation ;
  • lauric acid, very common in so-called “tropical” oils, renowned for restore the natural balance of the skin thanks to its antibacterial action;
  • myristic acid, easily absorbed by the skin and renowned for its regenerative virtues ;
  • palmitic acid, particularly effective for restore the protective qualities of the skin ;
  • caprylic acid, which promotes the penetration of antioxidant substances into the cells and therefore allows the skin to stay younger, longer;
  • linoleic acid, which promotes passage of nutrients through the skinbut also strengthens skin cells.

Add to these benefits those of vitamins E and K, also present in coconut oil. One is naturally antioxidant and allows the skin to better defend itself against external aggressions, while the second promotes the good blood circulation.

In other words, monoi oil is extremely beneficial to the skin: it allows its protectionmaintains its flexibility and his resistance and boost its regeneration !

Can monoi oil be used to prevent and treat stretch marks?

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