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she is forced to live with her tenant who has not paid her rent for 2 years

Sandrine owns a house in Athis-Mons (Essonne). In August 2020, she decided to rent out one of her rooms again. “ I had rented it to a Spanish student and it had gone very well “, she had declared at the microphone of NEWS. Only this time, it’s a real nightmare that begins for her.

Sandrine and her daughter also live under this same roof. At first, the roommate goes smoothly, but the first difficulties will quickly arise. After three months, the tenant in her forties suddenly stopped paying her rent. The owner first thinks of an exceptional delay, but it is not…

Unpaid rents, violent altercations, death threats: the hell of this owner

Months pass and no rent is paid. The situation continued to deteriorate and the relationship became particularly tense between Sandrine and her tenant. In addition to the unpaid bills, the violent altercations between the two women began. Knife death threats were even made against the distraught owner’s high school daughter.

As the blade was pointing upwards and not directly at her, there was no sequel. “, she explained. The tenant spends most of her time secluded in her room and Sandrine deplores the unsanitary state of the occupied room.

It’s a giant trash can. There is food, unwashed plates, dust. The room needs to be completely redone “says the owner. For her part, the one who occupies the premises has still not decided whether to leave them or pay her rent.

A lengthy deportation procedure

However, the lease was terminated in May 2021, several complaints were filed and the eviction of Sandrine’s tenant was even recorded on September 5, 2022, as revealed The Parisian. However, because of the two months of legal delays and the winter break, Sandrine’s ordeal does not seem to be over…

Indeed, as she explains: Even if the judgment is favorable to me, it’s the bad news: the end of the period given to the tenant to leave his room falls right during this winter break “.

If she does not leave the premises by then, the tenant who has not paid rent for almost two years cannot be evicted before March 31. It is only from this date that the bailiff can ask the prefect to resort to public force.

I collapsed […] They didn’t take into account the fact that she lives with me. Daily life is just as hellish as ever. I hope she will go away on her own “. To date, there would already be 8,000 euros in debt according to Sandrine. She was ordered to pay 1,800 euros to the woman who accused her of renting her a room. unsanitary, where it is cold and where water seeps “.

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There was no inventory of entry, explains a source close to the file. This is the reason why the court, after debating it, took this strictly legal decision for the benefit of the tenant.advances the court which granted him “ benefit of the doubt “. To be continued…

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