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The ‘Hairiest Girl Alive’ Turned 23 This Year and She’s Changed a Lot

The famous Guinness World Records book lists multiple records of all kinds, but some mark us more than others. In 2010 for example, it is the small Supatra Sasuphan which touched the whole world.

Suffering from a disease, she had entered the pages of the famous Guinness World Records by becoming “the hairiest girl in the world”. And although her appearance was different from other children of her age, the Thai girl was always well received by her peers.

“I don’t feel any difference with other people, and I have lots of friends at school”, she confided to Italian television during her appearance on the Guinness World Records TV program “Lo Show Dei Record”.

” The best day of my life “

“Being so hairy makes me special”, she also added when she came in front of the cameras. “It’s the most beautiful day of my life !”. As you will have understood, Supatra Sasuphan is very proud of her physical particularity which is completely accepted and respected by others.

The young girl is in fact affected by the very rare Ambras syndrome which causes her to have so many hairs all over her body, and even his face!

She regularly shares her daily life on social networks and in particular on Facebook. In 2018, she then published a post to announce very good news: his wedding !

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She’s done with the hair

In the photo posted on Facebook, Supatra Sasuphan managed to surprise her community. Indeed, his face no longer showed any hair, only hair! In reality, she had shaved them to say “yes” to the man of her life.

The young woman, now 23, is also undergoing treatment and shaves her hair when she feels that it is too long. And it must be said that without hair, she is very different and ultimately, like everyone else!

As a reminder, Supatra Sasuphan’s disease is very rare and cannot be cured. Since the 16th century, only about fifty people affected by congenital extensive hypertrichosis have been identified worldwide.

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