The political figures have also sometimes been in complex situations, even often. It can be said that their actions have caused a lot of controversy. Even if it remains occasional, there are several examples that we will discuss in our article.

When you think of a Political personality, the last thing you think about is how this one spends her holidays. And yet, many people find themselves at the heart of poignant controversies because of their holidays. However, even if these personalities have always had the upper hand in public opinion, this time the latter has turned against them. We will see in this article the holidays of some politicians which left the public outraged, including:

  • Nicolas Sarkozy;
  • Jean-Michel Blanquer;
  • Elisabeth Borne.

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Some of these situations may seem really serious at first glance, however, these personalities (in the majority of cases) see nothing wrong with their actions. Let’s take a look at the French politicians who created the most waves because of their holidays!

Marie France, women’s magazine