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this symbolic jewel that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II

Thursday, September 8, 2022, the buckingham palace announced the death of the queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96. After being dropped off at Buckingham Palace, the coffin of Her Majesty joined Westminster Hall, this Wednesday, September 14. For the occasion, the british royal family was assembled in full. Among its members, Kate Middletonwho wanted to make tribute to the queen.

Indeed, Kate Middleton wished to honor Elizabeth II through the choice of these jewelry. A few days ago, she pinned on her black jacket the pin of diamond leaf and pearl that belonged to the deceased. In 1999, Prince William’s grandmother wore this brooch during a trip to Seoul. Later she had offered this jewel to the Duchess of Cambridge, who had already sported it in 2017 during a official visit in Belgium.

Jewelry with strong symbolic value

Two pairs of earrings also have a strong symbolic value for Kate. Both pieces are formed around a bead. Indeed, the latter is often worn during periods of grief. More surprisingly, the Duchess wore a pair of earrings that belonged to Lady Diana. On his side, Meghan Markle also sported a pair of pearl earrings that Elizabeth II gave her after her marriage to Prince Harry.

This Thursday, September 15, Kate Middleton showed up in front of the cameras with a brand new pair of earrings, they also consist of a pearl. She chose to wear this accessory to admire the floral tributes to Sandringham. The pretty brunette was dressed in a elegant black coat and a black dress for the occasion, carrying a small handbag of the same color to complete her outfit. She paid tribute to her husband’s late grandmother by wearing for the occasion a pair of pearl earrings that belonged to the queenas reported by DailyMail.

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Jewels received from Queen Elizabeth II

Kate Middleton has worn this piece of jewelry many times over the years. This is particularly the case at Buckingham Palace to receive the queen’s coffin. These are also the earrings that the mother wore the day she left the hospital after the prince’s birth Louis. Kate also chose them for her first official visit overseas without Prince William. A jewel that represents a lot for the forties.

elizabeth has also shown herself on several occasions with this jewel. The queen was known to be generous. She passed on several tiaras, earrings and necklaces to her family members. Kate Middleton was able to inherit pretty pieces straight from the private collection of Her Majesty. For his wedding with Prince William, Kate notably wore a tiara borrowed from Elizabeth II. Adorned with 19 diamond arches and decorated with 38 teardrop pearls, this jewel signed cartier had been talked about a lot.

With the death of Elizabeth II, the status by Kate Middleton has changed. Formerly known as the Duchess of Cambridge, she now bears the titles of Duchess of Cornwall and princess of wales. She is the first member of the royal family to bear these titles since Princess Diana. Since then, Kate has remained a support alongside the prince william. The Duchess accompanies him in particular in his walkabouts to Windsor in order to exchange with the British, who are also in mourning.

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