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What are the skin benefits of sesame oil?

Like the majority of natural vegetable oils, sesame oil is particularly valuable for strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin. What is it about ? It’s here natural skin barriera mixture of sebum and sweat, which helps to reduce water loss, maintain hydration and strengthen your immune function. This is due to its composition, an alliance of three fatty acids – palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid. She is therefore really effective in preserving optimal skin hydrationwithout greasing the skin (oil with a dry touch).

Benefit noh2: slow down skin aging

Another magical power of sesame oil: antioxidant, it prevents the appearance of the signs of time. Indeed, it is richly endowed with oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid (omega-9) promoting the skin protectionbut also its regeneration. In addition, it contains vitamins of group B, in particular B3 and vitamin K, useful for the blood circulationso at the regeneration of cells damaged by oxidation. It is also rich in tocopherol, the famous antioxidant vitamin E, for better elimination of free radicals. Finally, another noteworthy fact: it contains lignans (chemical compounds) and phytic acid, known for their antioxidant activity. Sesame oil is therefore preferred to prevent and fight against the signs of aging.

Benefit noh3: promote skin repair

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