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what has become of her little sister, Eva, 11, since the conviction of Cécile Bourgeon?

On May 12, 2013, Cécile Bourgeon went to the gendarmerie to report the kidnapping of her eldest daughter, Fiona, 5 years old. After launching calls for several months in the press to find the girl, she finally confessed to having beaten her to death before burying her body with her companion, Berkane Makhlouf.

Sentenced to 20 years in prison last February, Cécile Bourgeon no longer has contact with her two other children, Eva, Fiona’s 11-year-old little sister, and her half-brother, Bilal.

Fiona case: “every day, she asks me where her sister is”

And for good reason, when the couple were arrested in 2013, the gendarmes had noticed bruises on Eva, then aged one and a halfas reported by our colleagues from Figaro.

Very disturbed, the granddaughter had initially been entrusted to her grandparents and then to social assistance. Subsequently, Eva was finally able to find her father, Nicolas Chafoulais, who has since obtained sole custody.

Cécile Bourgeon no longer has contact with her children

Every day she asks me where her sister is »he told the Haute-Loire Assize Court in February 2018 before mentioning the “ sadness in the eyes ” of his daughter.

And the man to challenge Cécile Bourgeon: ” Eva wants to know where her sister is, why you did that… When I hear that you want to see her again… Start by giving her satisfaction! »

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“My daughter is rotting in the woods, buried like a dog”

Despite the insistence of their respective families, Cécile Bourgon and Berkane Makhlouf have never revealed the exact circumstances which led to the death of Fiona, nor even the place where the latter was buried. An unbearable silence for Nicolas Chafoulais.

To know that my daughter is rotting in the woods, buried like a dog. I have no words to say what I feel… Fortunately, I am surrounded by my loved ones, otherwise I would go crazy “, he confided in the columns of the Point. For lack of a burial, the father and the daughter go frequently to the church where they have got into the habit of lighting a candle for Fiona.

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