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Here are the best toothpastes for your teeth, according to 60 million consumers

In powder, paste or even chewable form: toothpastes exist in all forms and compositions. But how do you know if they are harmful for health ? 60 Million consumers highlights the substances to to avoid. The magazine has just published a special issue devoted to the subject of teeth and highlights in particular healthy and effective products for oral hygiene.

Toothpaste is a essential in the daily care routine. Ally of regular brushing for healthy teeth, it should be selected with care. In parapharmacies, supermarkets or organic brands, the offer is rich, but the packaging which promises to many benefits do not guarantee its quality. Many unwanted compounds can be found in our toothpastes. But how to recognize them?

Harmful substances to avoid in your toothpaste

60 Millions de consommateurs advises consumers to avoid references containing sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). The latter is a surfactant used to make the product foam, but which may turn out to be irritant for the mucous membranes. Triclosan, a potential endocrine disruptor, should also be avoided. Titanium dioxide, on the other hand, is a bleaching agent banned in food products. He is carcinogenic and suspected of promoting colorectal cancer. It hides under the names CI 77891 or E171.

60 Million consumers compiled a list of preferred toothpaste in the trade, during his purchases. The magazine highlights in particular the toothpaste Carrefour Soft organic freshness. His ” Very good value for money is highlighted as well as the fact that it does not contain harmful substances. The other popular reference is the Elgydium sensitive teeth. Its formula is composed of 97% ofingredients of natural origin.

For the childrenthis is the reference Fluocaril bi-fluorinated gel kids strawberry which is preferred by the association. Moreover, for the health of the little ones, it is important to use a fluoridated toothpastebecause fluoride prevents cavities by making theless sensitive enamel food-related acid attacks. From 2 years old, it is recommended to choose a toothpaste with 250 to 600 ppm of fluorine.

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The references to be preferred according to 60 Million consumers

60 Million consumers also warns against homemade toothpaste. Indeed, faced with these harmful substances, you might be tempted to make your own toothpaste. But here again, caution should be exercised according to the consumer association. ” Also beware of homemade toothpaste, abrasiveness rate often too high […] Toothpastes formulated in the laboratory therefore remain the best solution. she warns. His advice? Read the labelsin order to avoid certain substances”.

Last point of vigilance: the quantity used, often too generous. Because if the advertising show lines of toothpaste spread across the length of the brush, ” dentists advise not to exceed the size of a corn for adults and a pea for kids “. If the quantity used is too large, then there is a risk of fluoride overdose. And even if the product foams less, it keeps all its efficiency.

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