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horoscope for the week from September 19 to 25, 2022, here is what awaits you

A new week begins and the stars are going to bring surprises into our lives over the next seven days. This week in mid-September will include thefall equinox 2022 and all the intensities that accompany a change of season. Monday will begin with a tender Moon in Cancer that will make you want to live in the warmth of your home. Then on Wednesday, mid-week, a beautiful Moon in Leo will help us stay on course until the weekend.

On Friday, September 23, the Moon will arrive at what will be its home until the week says goodbye: the constellation Virgo.

Beautiful week under the blue sky…

Horoscope for the week from September 19 to 25, 2022: love, work, health…


This week, your ruling planet, fiery Mars, will be on good terms with Saturn, the planet of structure. Take the opportunity to organize your mind and achieve better mental order to be more efficient in your daily life.


This week, Uranus, which is in your sign, makes a series of positive aspects that will promote your creativity. Take the opportunity to find unsuspected solutions to old problems and to express yourself in the most original way possible.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in tension with Mars, which is in your sign this week. Avoid speaking out of line or using hurtful words, because right now more than ever, your words could spell disaster.


This week, the Moon, your guiding luminary, almost exclusively makes beneficial aspects in the sky. It will give you the feeling of being in tune with how you feel. Be careful when the latter is conjunct Mercury, not to over-intellectualize your emotions.


This week, the Sun, your ruling star, will conjunct Mercury retrograde. It will enlighten you on some questions relating to money and managing your finances. Use it to get organized.


The Sun will leave your constellation on Friday, just as your ruling planet, Mercury, begins to retrograde in Virgo. You will lose the strength that the Sun has given you since mid-August and you will feel the power of your guiding planet asking you to think deeply. Be calm and everything will be fine.


This week, your cosmic guide, Venus, will be in opposition to Neptune. Beware of unexpected love at first sight, and do not make films before the hour. Neptune in retrograde could induce a lack of reason in you, be careful.


This week, you can use the good astrological aspects of your ruling planet to express yourself with affirmation and creativity. Seek to discover new things about yourself and expand your imagination.


Watch out for excess ego this week, when Jupiter opposes the Sun and Mercury. You could come across as a pedant if you overuse your words. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes and be humble.


Mars in beneficial aspect with your astrological ruler, Saturn, will give you a boost in the direction of progress. Use this energy to plan improvements in your work and career.


Saturn in your constellation will be in difficult aspect with your ruler, Uranus, all week, which is a harbinger of inner tensions that you will have to manage carefully. Fortunately, the planet Mars will help you to act with caution.

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All this week you will be very confused about your love life. Neptune in opposition to the Sun in your partner axis could cause you to see everything through a fog that leaves you lost. Avoid making decisions in this area of ​​your life until at least September 23.

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