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Prada moccasins at 30 euros? This TikTokeuse finds perfect dupes in this shop

Finding the right shoes can be a headache. And if we appreciate designer brands, it’s even worse ! But this TikTokeuse has found the perfect solution to replace Prada loafers. And Léa, from the @leamoutier channel, has decided to share this good plan with her subscribers!

The young woman is followed by more than 50,000 people on TikTok. She provides fashion advice and calls herself a ‘lifestyle’ specialist. And the video about the dupes of Prada moccasins gathered more than 140,000 views. It must be said that it is tempting!

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The price is simply stunning

Indeed, Léa has found impressive dupes for an even more impressive price. Yes, for around thirty euros, the influencer was able to buy these moccasins, which look very much like Prada. And she wasn’t shy about sharing matching outfit ideas. Little black dress, white socks and moccasins, she is at the forefront of fashion!

hard to find cheaper only that. Of course, if you go to a Prada store, the note is not likely to be so low. Indeed, this luxury brand offers much more expensive products. And the advantage of moccasin dupes unearthed by Léa is that they are not counterfeit!

However, they look like two drops of water to those of the Prada brand. The only difference ? The logo, sure ! And for such an attractive price, we could do without the logo, right?

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Where to find these dupes of Prada moccasins?

The moccasins found by Léa cost about thirty euros on sale on the Nasty Gal site. And on the Prada site, the ‘official’ shoes amount to practically 900 €. A difference of several hundred euros, which could well influence your choice. We can say that Léa has unearthed THE good plan.

L’economy realized thanks to these dupes of moccasins would allow you to buy other shoes, perhaps even other dupes! You could also take a matching handbag, a little dress, or even save the money. And for our next purchases, it is sure and certain that we will look at the Nasty Gal site. And why not also Lea’s channel ?

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