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the way of life of the Servières (“large families”) appeals to Internet users

With two episodes broadcast per day, the reality TV show Families large, life in XXL allows us to follow the daily life of these families. extraordinary. We thus discover families with lifestyles and with different financial capacities. The unpublished episode of Thursday September 15 was partly devoted to the Colas and Servières families.

We thus discover the first going to the traditional mass of Sunday morning. While their side, the Servières have planned a trip to the zoo. The African reserve of Sigean where they will spend the day is located between Narbonne and Perpignan.

An exceptional outing for the Servières…

The output appears as exceptional in view of limited budget available to the family. As Blue Cinderella quips on Tweeter: “The Servières parents teased the day at the zoo worse than if it were a vacation at Disney World…”

Shipping can quickly become expensive for the family of 9 children. The Servières are rather an XXL family with a XXL budget. And it is precisely the way the home manages its budget that will make Internet users react.

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… which is making the buzz on Tweeter

“Tighten your belt but look at your house and everything they buy for food etc. you have to stop most people don’t have all that and don’t complain. There are households that work together and don’t know how to afford all that” criticizes Mélody D. Jordane57300 is ironic in response to a comment from zaziaticgirl who underlined the tv size fireplace : ” Back-to-school bonus requires »

Many will also note that outings are rare on the Servières side. “But they never actually go out these poor kids…” thus emphasizes please. “I don’t understand the waitress, she complains about the price of everything but gets pregnant again, it’s going to be even worse in terms of the budget” adds Kacya Mary.

The tweets follow one another thus, criticizing the parents. We understood that this episode will have reacted. There is no doubt that the Servières will have to review their way of spending if they wish to win back the hearts of viewers.

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