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These parents learn that their children will lose their sight, they go on a world tour to impress them

Edith Lemay and Sébastien Pelletier are the parents of four children. Their daughter Mia is only three years old when they notice that she has eyesight problems. Later, they learn that their two sons also have the same syndrome than their sister. It’s about a rare genetic disease called retinitis pigmentosa.

The diagnosis falls: three of the four children will become blind. This terrible news prompted the family to leave everything to go and do the world Tour. The goal? Take advantage of the beauties of this world before the children are overtaken by their illness. For Mia, the eldest, Colin, 7 years old and Laurent, 5 years old, there is no effective treatment to slow the progression of the disease.

Three of the four children have a very rare genetic disease

According to the CNN media, which shared the testimony of this family, the specialist who follows Mia suggested that the parents surround her with visual memories “. The mother then thinks of travel. “I’m not going to show him an elephant in a book, I’m going to take him to see a real elephant. […] And I will fill his visual memory with the best and the most beautiful pictures that I can. »she confided.

The couple is accustomed to travel since the lovers traveled a lot before becoming parents. They therefore wished to transmit their passion to their children. However, if the family was to leave in July 2020 to cross Russia and then go to China, they were forced to change their plans because of the pandemic. Edith, Sébastien and their four children finally left Montreal in 2022.

Before leaving, the Lemay-Pelletier family drew up a list of things to do. Mia, for example, wanted to go horseback riding, while Laurent wanted to drink juice on the back of a camel. They then leave with the four children without itinerary », just with ” of the place ideas » and plan ” As things progress. » They started their journey in Namibiawhere they were able to observe elephants, zebras and giraffes, before traveling to Zambia and Tanzania.

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A journey to prepare children to be resilient

Parents fund an account instagram followed by more than 80,000 people. They have already received the encouragement of many Internet users, in particular people with same disease than the three children. The family then went to Turkey, where she stayed for a month. ” We want them to discover as many things as possible that they have never seen and make them experience amazing experiences. “, confided the father.

They then flew to the Mongoliabefore taking the direction of theIndonesia. As well as seeing wonderful performances, the couple hope the trip will help the children develop strong ability to adapt. “They will have to show great resilience throughout their lives”, added Edith Lemay to CNN. This trip is also the right way tolearn differently for the four children. The family plans to return to Quebec in March 2023.

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