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this 4 euro powder is like a filter for the skin… but in real life

The Pores are among the enemies of beautystas. Consequently, many makeup tips emerge on social networks in order to camouflage. And TikTok is, without a doubt, the star platform for sharing this type of trick. One product is particularly sensational at the moment and it costs only 4 euros !

TikTok is full of tips for finding your ideal makeup routineand very often, little price. The dyed product of the moment? A powder capable of smoothing skin texture in just a few brush strokes. According to the various TikTokeurs and beauty influencers who have tested this product, the efficiency is without appeal. In a few seconds, their skin changes completely, giving way to a zero defect epidermis.

@mualesandro This $4 powder looks like a filter in real life😩 #powder #settingpowder #drugstoremakeup #affordablemakeup #bestmakeup ♬ Sweetest Pie – Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa

A powder that promises a flawless complexion at a low price

The TikToker @mualesandro is among those who tested the star powder. In his video, he highlights the results of Brighten Up Banana Powder from Essence Cosmetics. This mattifying powder is ideal for the technique of ” baking » concealer, or to create matte spots on the face. It is the perfect ally against shiny areas and to set foundation.

The result in the video shared by the young man is final! The half of her face where the powder was applied is completely unified and ” glowing “. The application even suggests the use of a instagram filter. The promise of a doll complexionbut, this time, in real life!

This translucent powder preferably applied with a brush powder. For a totally natural finish, tap the brush on the back of your hand to remove excess powder. You can also use a velvet puff ultra-soft, for precise application. The influencer @mualesandro first uses the puff all over her face then completes her routine with a few brush strokes on her dark circles.

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The composition of the powder is also designed to not not attack the epidermis. The product is vegan, cruelty free, and oil free. he is also without parabens, perfume, acetone and alcohol. Thus, this article is suitable for all skin types and therefore for skin with acne tendency.

Depending on the brand and the use that we have of this powder, its coverage is fairly light to medium. To add a string to his bow, the Essence Cosmetics product is at a more than affordable price: €3.90 at Nocibé. It only exists in one shade who is the yellow banana “. However, she promises a made translucent to suit all skin types.

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