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this math formula is able to predict your chances of divorce

Math not your forte? However, certain formulas sometimes turn out to be very useful to master… And it is not James Murray, professor at the University of Oxford, who will say the opposite!

As revealed Cosmopolitan, the latter claims to have created a formula capable of predicting the future of the couple. To detect divorces, its accuracy rate would reach 94%! He was also able to test its effectiveness on 700 newlywed couples.

This mathematical formula is able to predict divorces

To bring this formula to life, the mathematician teamed up with psychology researcher John Gottman. Together, the two experts filmed for 15 minutes several long-time couples in the middle of an argument.

They took note of everything that happened during the discord between the two partners: variations in heart rate, blood pressure, changes in expressions, galvanic response of the skin… So many physical reactions that have been scrutinized.

This list is not limited to the elements studied by James Murray and John Gottman. Indeed, the two men also observed whether – to deal with this kind of tense situation – couples tended to be tolerant, to use humor, to be pretentious or on edge…

couple arguing


All their observations enabled them to establish a report and to define an equation allowing to determine if a young couple will divorce, or not. Here is the formula in question: Y = X + Z + R. If you are not a mathematical genius, it is not easy to decipher its meaning!

Time for explanations! Simply put, this equation is used to calculate the “negativity threshold” of the couple. The latter corresponds to the limit from which the partners begin to get annoyed during the argument.

What this calculation proves is that the lower the negativity threshold, the more likely the couple will last! This is explained by the fact that the partners support the argument less and that they will therefore make more efforts to settle it. And that inevitably involves communication!

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You will have understood it, according to the experts at the origin of this mathematical formula: a couple who communicates is a couple who has less chance of divorce than a couple more tolerant in the face of disputes. But of course, the “communication” factor is not the only one to come into play!

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