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this mysterious object hidden under her wedding dress

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8, all media attention has been focused on the royal family. All their outings are observed. Their outfits are analyzed. And certain secrets are revealed or repeated, including one about Meghan Markle.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II had a reign long and prosperous. And his death has spawned many retrospectives to pay tribute to him. We talked about his life, his marriage and his secrets. This sad event was also an opportunity to return to other details of the life of the royal family.

Memories come flooding back

The marriage of Lady Diana has notably resurfaced. Indeed, the detail of his shoes and their hidden message made the canvas dream. But today, it is the union of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that is coming back into fashion. This took place in May 2018 in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

And the bride had more than one secret, just like Prince Harry’s mother. According to british tradition, it is customary to use, during his wedding, four things in particular. Indeed, something is neededancientsomething of newsomethingborrowed and something blue. And it was that last thing that melted the hearts of the whole world.

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A 100% personalized dress

Yes, Meghan Markle has respected this tradition. She was wearing something blue. And it was actually blue dress pieces that she had worn during her first date with Prince Harry. What romanticism!

According voguethe young woman wanted these pieces to be sewn directly on her Givenchy wedding dress. Meghan Markle had agreed with the artistic director of the brand, Clare Waight Keller. She designed the dress. And we can say that the respect of this tradition seems to succeed in the wife of prince Harry!

Indeed, their couple seems very solid. The lovers are also parents of two children: Archie and Lilibet. Besides, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are so crazy about each other that they couldn’t resist, and hand held at the Queen’s funeral, which shocked many people. Yes, it is against protocol! But it’s so romantic

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