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this surprising photo of her in the metro with “wet hair and monstrous dark circles”

Elodie GossuinMiss France 2001, endorsed the status ofTelevision presenter and radio for several years. The young woman presents many programs such as Extraordinary Families, Unusual Christmases or Vive le camping. A great career that she is leading by combining it with her mom life. A large family that fills the former Miss with happiness, who does not hesitate to share bits of her daily life as a mother on the social networks.

Since her crowning of Miss, Élodie Gossuin has always embodied theauthenticity. In 2001, the 11 million viewers voted the young woman for her beauty, but also and above all for her simplicity. The same year, his title of Miss Europa does not make him take the big head for all that. This sobrietyit is also what will follow her during her career on the small screen.

Élodie Gossuin, the Miss France who embodies simplicity

The host is the proud mother of two sets of twins : Jules and Rose, 11 years old. Joséphine and Léonard are 5 years old. This life of big family brings a lot of happiness to Élodie Gossuin but also requires a significant investment. In I love you etc.the issuance of Daphne Burkibroadcast on France 2, she confided in her role of mother sometimes difficult.

Bertrand Lacherie’s wife says her life was turned upside down by the arrival of her four children. ” My rhythm is that of my children. I’m going to bed them, I’m going to bed”, she told Daphne Bürki. Before adding: “What changes is that you no longer have a social life. It’s complicated to find a niche for your couple life. […] It’s a marathon. »

However, if there is one thing that Élodie Gossuin never separates from, it’s her good mood ! ” I have no more social lifeI don’t go out, I don’t have more libido, but it’s fine, it’s great! », she launched in the France 2 program. Often cash, the mother is keen to show the reality of his life and not only the sequins of the television world. Clichés that sometimes earned him some criticism.

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Élodie Gossuin, between TV career and busy mom life

If some internet users are admiringothers are very reviews about her role as a mom. A few days ago, a surfer, for example, threw a spade at him by commenting on one of his videos published on TikTok. ” Luckily she has nanny. […] Do you see her doing the housework, shopping, preparing meals for her four kids, plus watching TV? “, she commented. A remark that has provoked anger by Elodie Gossuin.

True to herself, in the aftermath of reviews received on TikTok, the former Miss France shared a snapshot on instagram with her hair wet, live from the paris metro. ” Metro in fashion hair still wet and monstrous dark circles, otherwise it’s fine. » she wrote, revealing herself with simplicity. Even elected beauty queen, Élodie Gossuin proves that nobody is perfect !

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