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A family buys suitcases and discovers that they are filled with the bodies of children

It’s a sordid affair which has particularly shocked the Web in recent days. This Thursday, September 15, a woman was stopped in South Korea. In question ? She is suspected of murder of two children. But that’s not all ! Their body were found in suitcases in New Zealand.

The 42-year-old woman is said to be the mother of these two children. She was taken into custody for murder in South Korea, at the request of New Zealand. New Zealand citizenthe latter should be the subject of a extradition, said the police of the two countries, according to AFP. The bodies had probably been kept for several years and the two victims would have been between five and ten years.

The suspect would be the mother of the two children found dead in the suitcases

The police arrested the suspect in an apartment inUlsan on Thursday, following surveillance using information on his whereabouts and CCTV footage. the Seoul National Police Agency said in a statement. The forties would have killed two of her children around 2018, before fleeing to South Korea to hide there. It was last month that their remains were discovered in suitcases. ” The nature of discovery makes thecomplex investigationdue in particular to the time elapsed between death and discovery. added the inspector.

It took, for this morbid discovery, that a family buys a trailer loaded with objects sold in bulk in a warehouse. On the return from the auction, the family opened the suitcases and discovered their contents. Its members are naturally upset by discovery Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua, the inspector in charge of the investigation, told AFP. The family was able to receive a assistance to face this trauma.

The police are currently looking into the other objects, household or personal, contained in the trailer. Indeed, she tries toidentify the victims. She also examines hours of video surveillancee to feed the investigation. Unfortunately, key moments may have been erased due to big delay between the presumed death in 2018 and the discovery of the bodies in 2022.

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Research continues as part of the investigation

Due to the complexity of the investigation, the warehouse and the property where the suitcases were brought were also thoroughly examined by forensic science. For this research, the New Zealand police called on the international agency Interpol. ” No matter how long or how many years you’ve been working and investigating horrible cases, it’s not never easy. », shared the interviewer. Before adding: “What I can say is that we are making great progress in theDNA investigation. »

The investigation is still far from over. Of the investigations must still be done in New Zealand, but also abroad, according to a police official inAuckland. The family who acquired the suitcases has left the capital, according to their neighbor. They would have liked to escape themedia attention.

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