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Alexia Fouillot’s mother in shock, “I don’t know why he got married”

Has the Alexia Daval affair revealed all its secrets? This Saturday, September 17, Dominique Rizet, police-justice consultant for BFMTV, gave news of Jonathann Daval. While currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in the central house of Ensisheim, in the Haut-Rhin, the former computer scientist has found love again.

“He found love in prison with a boy a little older than him with whom he lives a story of prisoners”, detailed the journalist. Information to which reacted the lawyer of Jonathann Daval, Randall Schwerdorffer.

Jonathann Daval in a relationship with a fellow prisoner: “This may be one of the explanations”

At the microphone of BFM TVthe latter also recalled that his client had the “ right to be forgotten “. ” I think it is absolutely necessary that Jonathan Daval’s private life be preserved from now on, did he declare. It is the wish of the families, and it is the wish of Jonathan Daval (…) Everything has been said, everything has been written on this affair and I think that today, he wishes to preserve a certain dignity. “.

However, these new revelations could shed a completely different light on the case. “It’s both something unpleasant for us to talk about because it’s his private life, his lawyer reminded us. But it is important because it may be one of the explanations”emphasizes Dominique Rizet.

The relatives of Alexia Daval in shock: “We learn again and again”

In shock, Alexia Daval’s mother, Isabelle Fouillot, considers that her ex-stepson “was just looking for the comfort of [sa] family “. And to add: “I don’t know why he got married. When you get married, it’s to create your own family. It’s like it was yesterday, and we learn more and more.

Regarding the orientations of Jonathann Daval, the research was quite extensive but nothing had been found, other than heterosexuality in his past. “recalled Randall Schwerdorffer.

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Jonathann Daval wanted Alexia to “shut up”

During his trial, Jonathann Daval had admitted having strangled his partner in order to ” keep her quiet “. And this, because of the words used by the young woman who, blaming him for his erection problems, allegedly told him that he ” was not a man “.

I freaked out, it pissed me off, I was furious. I made a pressure cooker, I overflowed. I slam her against the wall. I bang her head on the wall twice before hitting her “, he confided before explaining his gesture by” the anger, the anger of all those years that came out. And the words, which continued to come out… Hence the strangulation. To keep her quiet “.

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