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Born with “transparent teeth”, she realizes her dream by fitting dentures and the result is unexpected

Since she was little, mihaleygrace has a disease. bearing the name of “imperfect dentinogenesis”it results in a strong sensitivity and fragility of the teeth. “I stopped smiling, laughing and even eating because of the pain,” entrusted the young woman to Metro.

Like most girls her age, she shares videos of herself on social networks on a fairly regular basis, and in particular on TikTok. And when Internet users saw his teeth, Mihaley Grace was subjected to many questions from Internet users.

But the American was unfortunately harassed long before her arrival on TikTok. For a long time she was nicknamed “shark teeth”. The reason ? Due to the disease, the young woman saw the condition of her teeth deteriorate and gradually become transparent.

His biggest complex? Its yellow “shark teeth”

The sensitivity became unbearable for Mihaley Grace who was barely able to eat. She then made a big decision. That of being asked dental prosthesis in order to find a “normal” daily life and get rid of his complex No. 1. “People would make weird faces when I smiled at them”she explained.

Mihaley Grace couldn’t have her prostheses overnight. It took several years of work. Indeed, her orthodontist took 5 years to examine the particular case of the young woman.

It was last December that the TikTokeuse was finally able to perform her reconstructive dental surgery. “When I woke up after the operation, I couldn’t stop laughing and crying. I was so shocked that it finally happened,” she said.

@mihaley.olivia.grace 3 months in the making! #dentureconfidence ♬ Celebrate the Good Times – Mason

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An exorbitant dental operation

Of course, she then shared the result on TikTok through a video and the result is incredible, larger than life!

Mihaley Grace’s dental surgery will have cost her and her parents almost €9,500. But it was worth it! Since then, the young woman says she is particularly happy.

“There has been a big change in the reactions of people around me. They no longer make faces when I smile and no longer ask me what is wrong with my teeth,” she clarified.

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