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Does an unemployed couple earn more than a couple on the minimum wage? “We will establish the truth of the figures”

Can social benefits guarantee an income equal to, or even better than, a salary? This is a debate that continues to be fueled… As revealed Releaselast Monday on LCI, David Pujadas promised to put an end to it.

For this, two situations were compared: We will establish the truth of the figures “.

Does an unemployed couple earn more than a couple on the minimum wage?

On the one hand :

  • An unemployed couple
  • Receiving allowances (after having held a job paid at minimum wage)

The other :

  • An active couple
  • Both paid minimum wage

Verdict: the infographic shown on the screen shows that the unemployed couple receives 2,902 euros per month in total (unemployment benefits + RSA + APL); while the other couple receives 2,858 euros monthly in total (minimum wage + activity bonus). Only here, the sequence aroused indignation.

Erroneous data

And for good reason, the infographic shared by LCI turns out to be inaccurate. As confirmed by the CAF, the amount of benefits received by the unemployed couple is greatly inflated by the addition of the RSA which should not be affected in this situation.

Other errors were also found. As revealed by several experts, including Yann Gaudin, a former employee of Pôle Emploi: “ The minimum wage couple earns 3,158 euros per month [dont 500 euros de prime d’activité]the 2 unemployed 1,914 euros per month “.

Jean-Christophe Sarrot, head of the employment-training department of ATD Fourth World, wants to be reassuring. Indeed, according to him: The calculation of unemployment benefits and that of the activity bonus are designed to maintain a relatively high financial interest in working “.

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LCI has recognized its error and claims to have contacted Pôle emploi before distributing the erroneous infographic. To rectify the situation, the continuous news channel said that details would be made. For its part, the public establishment denies being the cause of the confusion.

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