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elegant with shaved hair for the funeral of Elizabeth II

The Princess of Monaco is a model of elegance. She is often seen choosing her outfits carefully. Charlène never misses an opportunity to appear in her best light. And this is what happened during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The one who reigned 70 years on Great Britain died on 8 September. Since then, the whole world has been in mourning. All leaders paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. And Charlene of Monaco is one of them, of course!

The Prince’s Companion Albert II of Monaco chose her best outfit for the event. Jacques and Gabriella’s mother was dressed all in black. A long dress, with long sleeves, a hat with a black veil, and black pumps. Of course, let’s not forget her very short haircut, which looks great on her.

Charlene of Monaco, a model of grace and elegance

The mother of the twins mourned with grace and elegance on her husband’s arm. Prince Albert II of Monaco, meanwhile, had put on his finest uniform. The couple wanted to pay homage to the former British sovereign. Elizabeth II passed the baton to her eldest son, Charles III.

The new king, who has not yet been crowned, intends to change many things. But not before having mourned his mother, of course. And this Monday, September 19, 2022 was a very important date. Indeed, it was today that the funeral of the Queen of England finally took place.

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A final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

In recent weeks, the body of Elizabeth II has traveled through all the countries. Indeed, the entire population was able to pay homage to him and bid him farewell. Today was the turn of many leaders and dignitaries, who answered present for this last trip. Charlene and Albert II of Monaco were among them, but we can also mention the American president Joe Biden.

The british royal family did not miss the call. And they, too, had taken out their best mourning clothes. In this crowd of black, Charlene of Monaco was only one among many others. However, his outfither hairdressing and his elegance make her stand out. The former swimmer does not lack class!

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