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estimated at 126 million euros, the most expensive house in the world is now uninhabitable

The One ” is here largest villa of the world. Therefore, she is also the more expensive. Located in the Bel Air district, Los Angelesits starting price was estimated at 500 million euros. Only, the mansion finally revealed itself uninhabitable and gradually lost its value.

In 2012, it was the Californian promoter Nile Niamia former film producer turned filmmakerluxury real estate, who bought this huge plot of land. A house was already built, but the owner razed it for a completely different project much more extravagant. Upon acquisition, he expressed the wish to create the most expensive house in the world. The villa came out of the ground in 2021 and the result has largely impressed.

The extravagant project to build the largest and most expensive villa in the world

According to information relayed by LCI, the property is two hectares of which 10,000m2 are habitable. There are, among other things, four tracks of bowlinga private spa or even a gala hall of 200 people. And that’s not all ! The disproportion extends up to a wine cellar dizzying tower that can accommodate 10,000 bottles, a Movie room with 50 seats, and even a room entirely dedicated to candy dispensers.

To find a buyer, Nile Niami made a promotion excessive on social networks. According Vanity Fairthe promoter would even have called upon 200 influencers to advertise his property and promised a million euros to the person who would find him a buyer. In order to impress potential buyers, the promoter called on the famous architect Paul McClean. The latter notably built the villa of Calvin Klein or of Beyonce and Jay-z. The Californian developer also asked for help from Kathryn Rotondi for decoration.

From the start of construction, things did not go as planned. The infancy were numerous and were not stopped at the end of the works. If the colossal residence includes 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, five elevators, eight staircases and a garage for 50 cars, it unfortunately does not have no buyer found. The promoter had to give up his ambitions because he did not honored his debtsestimated at more than 100 million euros.

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10 years of construction and many difficulties

The Californian developer could not avoid the real estate foreclosure. At the start of 2021, the long-delayed project was preparing to hit the market with far less demand than Nile Niami had hoped for. The amount ? 340 million euros instead of the 500 million hoped for by its promoter. When the sale started, the figure was further reduced to 295 million and then to 126 million euros. A impressive discount by 57%.

Moreover, this gigantic villa has no gas connection and she is no kitchen. In this sense, she would not be livable. Its future buyer will also have to deal with tax arrears and arrears. Of the works must also be finalized and amount to the price of 20 million euros. A unique villa, but for now always unsaleable.

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