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late date of summer vacation angers parents and teachers

The 2022-2023 school year is now well under way and the calendar listing the vacation periods for the different zones is already making people cringe. While some academies are more disadvantaged than others, we are talking about a disadvantage here that spares no one.

It’s a fact, the discovery of the new school calendar was rich in (bad) surprises. Among them: that of the late arrival of summer holidays. The date set is the same for everyone and arouses a lot of dissatisfaction.

2022-2023 school calendar: long holidays that start late

As much on the side of students and parents as on that of teachers: the misunderstanding is palpable. And for good reason, the next big vacation will not start before Saturday, July 8, 2023 for areas A, B and C.

The heat in the classroom

This date, later than in previous years, is far from everyone agreeing for two main reasons. The first: the heat in class at this time of year is more and more scorching. The health of the students is worried.

Already in 2022, heat waves have greatly disrupted the smooth running of the school year. In some departments, establishments have even had to ask students to stay at home because of the high temperatures, for example.

More or less absenteeism?

The other point raised by the teaching staff is the fear of an even higher absenteeism rate than usual. Indeed, if the last days before the big holidays are often synonymous with deserted classes, the latter fear that the phenomenon will be exacerbated.

In the columns of ParisianHélène – a history teacher in Paris – confides: “ My class will be almost empty the last week, families will have gone on vacation, especially if tourist prices are considered off vacation, so cheaper “.

Stéphane Crochet, national secretary of the Teachers’ Union, does not share this opinion. According to him, the choice of this date is more likely to result in ” less absenteeism “. This is explained very simply for him.

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In fact, he advances The Parisian : “ When we finish on half a week, this poses problems of childcare mode over half the week. There, it is clearer! » Verdict next year!

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