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Passe-Partout, alias André Bouchet, without a filter on his salary, he reveals how much he earns per show

For more than thirty years, André Bouchet has lent his features to the character of Passe-Partout in the game show Fort Boyard. Usually discreet, the keeper of the keys gave himself up as rarely on the set of At Jordan’s this Saturday, September 17.

André Bouchet notably mentioned the question of his salary. The 50-year-old revealed that he received 300 euros per show, or around 3,000 euros per season. since France 2 broadcasts about ten episodes each year.

André Bouchet alias Passe-Partout reveals his salary in Fort-Boyard

But that’s not all ! The acolyte of Father Fouras is also required to shoot in foreign versions of the game for which he also receives a fee. A nice additional salary for the one who, the rest of the year, officiates at the RATP.

In effect, the interpreter of Passe-Partout is an agent of the RAPT on line 1 of the Paris metro. ” I am in my ticket office and I also do islanding in the metro, I check the installations”, he explained in 2008 to our colleagues from the Figaro.

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And to specify: “I want this job, it’s a security”. And for good reason, the salary he receives for his participation in Fort Boyard does not allow him to live. Each year, André Bouchet therefore agrees to take unpaid leave for these shoots that he particularly likes.

It must be said that over time, the members of the show became very close. It is also thanks to one of them that André Bouchet met Patricia, his partner. It was indeed Anthony, alias Passe-Muraille, who played the matchmaker.

Patricia, the spouse of André Bouchet, is none other than the mother of Passe-Muraille’s companion. ” Him, he is going out with the girl. And I am with the mother of the girl”, he quips. A nice story that has been going on for 12 years now…

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