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since the passage of Philippe Etchebest, here is how many restaurants have closed “We had to close a month later”

In Nightmare in the kitchen, Philippe Etchebest tries to help the restorers to go up the slope. The show is the French adaptation of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The latter is presented by the famous chef Gordon Ramsay United Kingdom. Launched on M6the program has already answered the call of very many restaurants.

If Philippe Etchebest gives his all in his role, he does not always succeed in preventing certain establishments from going out of business. Marianne shared the testimony of several restaurateurs highlighted by M6. Among them, some failed to make restart their business. However, the juror of Top chef assured, at the microphone of Isabelle Morizet, on Europe 1 that the majority of the establishments accompanied end up overcome their difficulties.

“70% success” for the restaurateurs helped according to Philippe Etchebest

Alexandre, manager of a restaurant in Carnoux, participated in the program. The man returned to the sequence of episodes. “They really play on this script. At first everyone argues and at the end of the episode, it’s true love. »he shared with our colleagues from Marianne. the filming is spread over four days, where many images are taken. However, according to him, “the production does not keep a quarter. »

Some restaurateurs put forward a concept of ” reality show “. “It’s reality TV, not magic. “, in particular shared Jean-Jacques, manager of the establishment Au soleil d’or, in Époye. For Philippe Etchebest, “ the statistics are up to 70% success rate “, as announced on Europe 1. Indeed, some owners share having been able to go back up the slope thanks to the chef and the production of M6.

The best worker in France also added to the microphone of Europe 1 that production continued to follow the restaurant after shooting. “ After my departure, there is a accompaniement that is done with a company during six months. So we help the restaurants. We support them in accounting, in management, with all tips that I gave them. […] We don’t let them go jungleif I may say so. “, he explained.

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Establishments that closed a few months after the shooting

According Marianneof the 69 restaurants visited by the chef since 2011, 33 are still open. At least five of them have changed owners. In Dunkirk, the restaurant Le Liseré, welcomed the chef in 2018. It unfortunately closed its doors three months after the show aired. “There was certainly too long a delay between filming in December 2018 and broadcast in May 2019. During this time, the cash flow problems have accumulated. Despite a slight increase in activity after the show, it was insufficient. »explained Mélanie, the owner of the establishment, in the Voice of the North.

Indeed, not all the restaurateurs who have received a visit from Philippe Etchebest in their establishment have managed to avoid bankruptcy. Other owners even go so far as pointing fingers the production of M6. In question ? Of the hateful comments on social media after the show aired. In a restaurant located in the Bouches-du-Rhône, a restaurateur came under criticism for her cooking. “We are even judged on our physical »she confided in an interview with Entertainment TV. If the chef and the program have helped some restaurants, others unfortunately keep one bad memory.

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