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the singer warns against this “sophisticated” scam

The scams multiply on instagram. Criminals take advantage of the notoriety of stars on the social network to trap their fans. Latest victim? Celine Dion who was quick to warn his audience. This Friday, September 16, in a story on Celine Dion’s Instagram account, the singer’s team wanted to warn her more than 5 million subscribers.

the Community Manager of the star explains to have recently became aware of a few online scams, fraudsters posing as » for Celine Dion. The artist’s audience is “ unfortunately targeted “because these” scam attempts may occur on social media and on the sites and fan forums. » The interpreter’s team If it were enough to love calls for vigilance so as not to risk serious consequences.

Celine Dion, victim of a scam on social networks

The person in charge of Celine Dion’s social networks notably shared her advice for detect scams. ” Fraudsters’ strategies are sophisticated and faced with these pitfalls, the best way to avoid them still remains, to this day, theeducation and the sensitization. », she shared. Before adding: “All official Celine Dion social media channels are verified “. Thereby, ” if there is no blue hook on the account, it is not a managed account by the Celine team. »

The blue pellets of certificate were launched in order to counter attempts toidentity theft artists. They ensure that you are dealing with the content of the artist and not a potential scam. The other important point is that very few stars come into direct contact with their public via the social networks. This is precisely what Celine Dion’s community manager shared.

The post shared on the singer’s account reminds us that the celebrity ” not not communicate individually with fans on social media, not by email or text. » « If someone contacts you claiming to be Celine, do not provide no bank informationpersonal or password and, if possible, report the account”, can we read. Indeed, scammers regularly send direct messages or leave comments on Instagram feeds to encourage subscribers to to give money or to disclose information of some value.

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Celine Dion and her teams warn fans

The teams of the Quebec artist deplore these dishonest behavior. ” These situations sadden us and we are doing everything in our power to limit them. If in doubt, the vigilance is appropriate. “, they shared. Celine Dion is, moreover, not the only star to bear the brunt of these criminals. Last August, Karine Le Marchand notably denied an advertisement for a slimming product who exploited his image.

Another victim of identity theft? Rayane Bensetti ! A fake account shared messages to the comedian’s subscribers by broadcasting his ID card proof. Laetitia Milotmeanwhile, learned that some of its subscribers had been offered to pay a certain sum for a surprising gain. The promise behind the shared amount? Be part of a fan club… that the star has never created!

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