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this symbolic object brought to the funeral is a gift from Elizabeth II

The only daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William is growing up! And the proof is in his outfit for the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth II. Indeed, Princess Charlotte wore a hat, as well as a very symbolic object. And this one was offered to him by Queen Elizabeth II in person.

Princess Charlotte now has seven years. Considered old enough to be present at her great-grandmother’s funeral, she paid her a very touching tribute. The girl was indeed wearing a pin shaped Horseshoe. Queen Elizabeth II was passionate about horses, and would have given this jewel to her great-granddaughter, according to People.

The small family almost complete to pay tribute to the queen

Little Charlotte accompanied her parents to the funeral. Kate Middleton and Prince William also brought their 9-year-old son, prince george. The small family paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Only the youngest, prince louisdid not participate in the event.

For the occasion, Kate, William, George and Charlotte were on their 31. The seven-year-old princess wore a pretty little black dress accompanied by a long black coat. In fact, she looked like her mother, but in a miniature version! On the other hand, Charlotte had pinned this pin very particular to his dress.

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Princess Charlotte sports more mature outfits

This is also the first time that the girl is wearing a real jewel in public. This horseshoe, given by Queen Elizabeth II, is a very touching tribute. Indeed, the former queen was known to very often wear brooches or jewelry for any occasion. And her funeral seemed like the right time for Princess Charlotte to wear this precious piece of jewelry.

It was also the first time that Princess Charlotte wore a hat in public. This accessory is very popular with English ladies at events. The hat and the brooch are therefore strong symbols. And Kate Middleton, recently named Princess of Wales, also do honor to the queen Elizabeth II thanks to her outfits.

Indeed, Princess Charlotte’s mother also wore jewelry once owned by Queen Elizabeth II. A necklace of four rows of pearls hugged Kate Middleton’s neck, while the earrings Bahrain Pearl Drop dangling from his ears. Young Prince George, meanwhile, sported a navy blue suit. The little family was therefore very chic!

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