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why did he wear a blue suit and not a black one at the funeral of Elizabeth II?

Monday September 19, the Queen’s funeral Elizabeth II are the event of the day. All eyes were then on Britain and all the members of the royal family who attended the ceremony. the Prince George and Princess Charlotte caught the eye of the British media. One dressed in navy blue, the other dressed in black. Who respected the protocol or not?

The remains of Queen Elizabeth II have traveled across the UK since the day after her death. She first went to her Buckingham Palace home. She then continued her journey to Westminster Hall where the public was able to pay their last respects until the day of her funeral, September 19. On this Black Monday, the British and the whole world followed the ceremony.

The blue worn by Prince George, a color in accordance with protocol?

The two young members of the royal family, the Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were part of the procession upon their arrival at the abbey. They were placed just behind the coffin of the deceased monarch. The siblings walked side by side between their parents. They were to follow Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton, ahead of their uncle and aunt, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince George was at the center of the public’s and journalists’ concerns. With the navy blue suit he wore for the occasion, questions about the protocol in terms of choosing the color of clothing during this kind of ceremony was on everyone’s lips. Indeed, we tend to see the family of the deceased dressed in black on the day of funeral. In any case, this is what is done a lot in Europe.

Although many people tend to think that the color of clothing imposed in such an event is black, it is not actually the case! For the british royal family, navy blue is authorized in this circumstance. The young Prince George was then quite within the standards to be respected to bid farewell to the Queen Elizabeth II. Here is some information that may have clarified things on this subject.

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Prince George, a son of Kate Middleton and Prince William

As our colleagues from Hello Magazine point out: “funeral etiquette states that wearing dark colors at a funeral, including navy blue, is considered a sign of respect for the deceased.” The only rule mentioned by the royal protocol on this subject is therefore to wear dark colors at a funeral. Prince George’s navy blue suit was consistent, but also very elegant. Grandson of King Charles III, Prince George is second in line to the British throne.

The young Prince George is nine years old today. He was born on July 22, 2013 in London. He is the first son of Prince William and his wife. Kate Middleton. He is the older brother of Charlotte and Louis, the youngest who did not attend the funeral of the late queen being considered too young by his family.

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