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Your daily horoscope for Monday, September 19, 2022

A few days before the end of the summer season, we already feel the time of autumn approaching. This week begins with the Moon in Cancer making very good aspects to Uranus and Venus, which will make you feel free in your romantic relationships. Unfortunately, a harsh Chiron aspect to the Moon could set a mood of low self-confidence. Keep in mind that the value you have is the value you attribute to yourself.

Beautiful day under the blue sky…

Horoscope for Monday, September 19, 2022: love, health, work…


Today, the Moon in your astrological house of home and family will ask you to pay attention to family matters. This will be a good time to take care of the health and comfort of your loved ones.


Today, your spirit will be light and free of any problems if you listen to Uranus, which is in your sign and asks you to express yourself as you feel best. Stop making excuses and surrender to its liberating power once and for all.


Today you will be very aware of the gaze of others. We therefore advise you not to abuse social networks, because they could make you feel things that are not real. Live in the moment.


The Moon is in your constellation today, so you’ll feel like everything is smooth and pleasant. On the other hand, Chiron in square with your ruling star could make you feel insecure in your work. Put things into perspective and don’t get discouraged.


Today, you will find in your unconscious the inspiration to improve your financial and professional situation. Let your intuition guide you, it will be the best decision.


Today is a particularly good day for participating in group activities. Whether at play or at work, you will achieve a fluid understanding in a team thanks to the Moon in your house of relationships.


Do not let certain conflicts related to your work environment destabilize you. You know your self-worth has nothing to do with it. Take refuge in those who love you to feel better.


You will know how to help others today and it will allow you to connect in a positive way. Know that your goodwill is an asset that will open doors for you in life.


Miscommunication could be a source of misunderstandings today. Watch your words today, as Jupiter and Mercury retrograde could complicate things for you!


Be careful not to transfer your emotional worries and insecurities onto others. If you’re in a relationship, avoid arguments and give yourself some space to be alone and quiet for today.


Today, you should make a general assessment of your lifestyle. Take advantage of the start of the week to organize this area of ​​your life with the Moon in your house of health. Prevention is better than cure !

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Today, a contact of the Moon with Neptune will give you a lot of inspiration. Be careful not to wander too far in your daydreams because you could easily get lost in your fantasy world and miss what’s going on around you.

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