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Daily horoscope for Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. There is an autumn air that is gradually setting in.

During the day, the Moon will end its course in the constellation of Cancer, thus prolonging the melancholy of the weekend. In the evening, shortly after sunset, it will enter the sign of Leo where it will awaken our ego with an opposition to Pluto. Be careful not to go too far in obsessive thoughts, it could be counterproductive!

Beautiful day under the blue sky…

Horoscope for Tuesday, September 20, 2022: love, health, work…


Today you will be busy thinking about how to help others and do good, thanks to the thoughtful and caring Moon in Cancer. Tonight you should focus on yourself and use some of your energy to pamper yourself.


Your sensitive and attentive thoughts will have their effect on the one who receives them. The love you give will bear fruit and come back to you multiplied, thanks to the Moon and Venus in harmonic aspect. Take the opportunity to express your desires within the couple.


You should focus on yourself and the more practical aspects of your life today. Your ruling planet, Mars in difficult aspect with Venus, does not currently favor romantic relationships, so try to focus on other areas of your life.


A contact of the Moon in your sign with Neptune will give you startling inspiration. Be careful not to lock yourself in the nostalgia of memories and use this energy to look to the future.


You will be distracted by unimportant things today. Your focus will be fluctuating and scattered. Take care of the unfinished business that invades your mind so you can focus on the things that really matter.


Do not try to be right at all costs today, arguing with your ruling planet, Mercury in retrograde, could backfire and no one wants to see you justify yourself.


A few days before the start of your astrological period of the year, you may seem more tired than usual. The Sun, by illuminating your home of inner conflict, prepares you emotionally to shine this weekend. Courage !


A great reflection could be taking place in your head today. Many things that happen in your life follow unconscious patterns that the stars will ask you to bring to light today. Operate in this direction and they will free you from repetitive patterns.


Your ruling planet in opposition to the Sun could generate some discomfort in the way you perceive yourself today. Try not to rely on the gaze of others to generate your self-esteem, you are worth much more than you believe.


Avoid quarrels with your life partner or associate today. The Moon and Pluto will add a hard-to-reverse intensity to any argument. Avoid walking on the dark side of the force.


You will be somewhat emotional today, due to the Moon in Cancer. Try to focus on things that distract you and get you going. The resulting feeling of satisfaction will give you the strength to be positive.

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Give yourself the freedom to believe in your creativity today. Your ruling planet, Neptune in beneficial aspect with the Moon will be a motor for your imagination which will produce fantastic and unprecedented things!

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