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her disturbing secrets about her father who believed her dead, “He is mean”

Disappeared on December 26, 2010, little Camille, kidnapped by her mother, Priscilla Majani, had not given any sign of life since then. An unbearable absence for her father, Alain Chauvet, who, over time, ended up convincing himself that his daughter had died.

“My client was eaten, destroyed, his stomach loose and his sleep slipping away, polluted by this nagging anxiety to think that his daughter is dead”, deplores his lawyer, Me Olivier Ferri, in the columns of the Parisian.

Little Camille found 11 years after her disappearance accuses her father of incest

Found last March in Switzerland, the teenager still refuses today to reconnect with her father. And for good reason, during all these years, his mother never stopped pushing him, going so far as to accuse him of the worst atrocities.

Heard ” three times ” by the family affairs judge, Camille spoke of the sexual abuse that her father allegedly subjected her to. “He has done me all the evil in the world. He is nasty. Mom told me to say that.”, she said before talking about her “zizi”.

The incredulous experts: “She speaks recitatively”

According to him, Alain Chauvet would have put him “his zizi in the buttocks”. And the young girl to clarify: “It’s all cold.” Very heavy accusations that did not convince the experts.

“Camille is cheerful and expresses himself in a playful tone, they note. She speaks recitatively, as if repeating something she has been asked to say “. Judged this Friday, September 16, his mother expressed no regrets, quite the contrary.

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Camille Chauvet’s father ready to do anything to “win back” his daughter

“I will not be silent, whatever the consequences! », confided Priscilla Majani who was “welcomed in different countries and different places, until when Camille was 11-12 years old, we stabilized in Switzerland”. And to add, right in his boots:The best thing I’ve done in my life is to leave with my daughter.”.

Sentenced to five years in prison, the mother appealed. Camille, meanwhile, should be placed in a foster home… much to her father’s chagrin. ” I would like to tell her that she trusts me, that she realizes that I have always loved her and that I will always love her. And that life is not to live in hiding under a false name, that it is something else, he breathes. I have to win her back, and work for this teenager to become a normal woman, who overcomes all these traumas as much as possible. “.

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